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A.S.A.P. Career Strategy™ Implementation Guide

A.S.A.P. Career Strategy™ Implementation Guide


8 expert crafted resources made to help you land the interview *and* the better-paying role


That Includes…


  • A Road to 6 Figures Checklist: the 9 most important steps to landing a new career in as little as 30 days

  • A Resume Template: to put your badass and sought-after skills front and center, leverage your professional experience and expertise, and magnetize recruiters to your inbox.

  • LinkedIn Template & Checklist: to make your profile an irresistible, algorithm-approved recruiter-attracting goldmine

  • Tech Job Titles: that don’t require technical experience or a degree, but do allow you to transition into a fulfilling role or career 

  • Tech Staffing List: so you can get in where you want to fit in at big-name companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon

  • Interview Template: to set you up for success and help you leave a lasting impression when you land that interview

  • Career Transfer List: a comprehensive guide on better-paying and exciting new careers you can explore based on your current role

  • Skills Transfer List: …new skills you can acquire based on your current role and/or skills

  • STAR Q&A: or Situation, Task, Answer, Result — a proven framework to help you come up with clear and concise answers to a bunch of possible interview questions

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