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You're Registered!

First of all, congratulations on registering for our live training!

...but are you set up for success?

Everything you're going to learn about in this FREE training is going to accelerate your progress towards more. More money, more time, more happiness.

But here is the thing, without the tools, you may find yourself feeling stuck, again.

🥴 Unsure of how to format your resume
😱 Confused as to what job you even qualify for
🫨 Interviews still feeling like some code you just can't seem to crack

When you combine the framework and tools I'm revealing inside the Live Training with our A.S.A.P. Career Implementation Guide (formally known as Career Launch DIY), that career transition is practically guaranteed!

And as a 'thank you' for signing up for the webinar...

I wanted to give you an opportunity to grab it! This Guide is ONLY available inside our exclusive 6 Figure Network™. But today you can grab it, separately, for just $67 and ensure you have the extra leg up you need to get the most out of our time together!

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