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The Accelerator


To more money, more respect, better benefits, better treatment, and a work environment that adds to your life instead of draining it! All from leveraging the skills you have, and levelling up your resources!

6 Figure Network


Take small steps to big money moves with the community, support, and career-transforming expertise you need — available all in one place. This isn’t an all-talk-no-action kind of membership, sis. Everything in 6 Figure Network is designed to guide you in the right career direction — whatever that means to you! And not *just* guide you, but provide you with the toolkit to succeed. And if you can humble brag about your major moves with our team and other career Queens, isn’t that just the cherry on top. Please note: You must stick to one email for everything throughout this process. (IE: Use the same email to purchase and access the program)

You can also join this program via the mobile app.

Program Overview


5 Plans Available, From $67.00/month

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