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Client Success

Hear from a few of our clients that have taken control of their careers and are now making more money.


Black women are the most educated, and yet systemically underpaid, demographic. We're on a mission to not only bridge that gap, but shut it mf’in down.

I’ve never been good with resumes. And my interview skills definitely needed some updating. Shaque’l forced me to step out of my comfort zone. Now I’m making $20,000 more than I was, I have a better and more flexible schedule, & I get to do things I enjoy!

"I'm making $20,000 more"

Dominique Smith

"I had a $52,000 salary increase"

Thank you for all that you do. I'd been out of work ever since I gave birth to my daughter. I applied to so many places that I honestly lost count of how many applications I’d filled out. There were times I felt like giving up. Because of you I went from making $23k a year to being offered a position in tech making $75k. I can’t thank you enough.

Lola Alakuro

taneisha cable.jpg

"My salary increased by 50k"

I no longer wanted to be in property management after 13 years. After no call backs I reached out to you and literally networked and leveraged my transferable skills (that you made clear to me) and secured a job within the product management realm.  Thank you!

Taniesha Cable

lakesha simmons.jpg

"I got a $42k increase"

Please keep doing your thing! I'm now a part of the 6 Figure Chick club! Optimizing my resume and upping my interview game worked! And I didn't even have to change careers! I’m in my late 40’s and I feel so blessed. Thank you.

Lakesha Simmons

ciara cole.jpg

"I'm making $45k more"

I started working at a SaaS based Healthcare company making about 75k but was looking for a job with better pay and benefits. Shaque'l gave me all the motivation I needed to believe I could achieve a higher paying job. I'm now making 6 Figures!

Ciara Cole

You excited yet? Because we want to see EVERYONE in our community win!

elizabeth cloudman.jpg

"I'm making $20k more now"

I appreciate all your guidance and advice. I left an abusive company that was resentful about paying me 63k year to a job at a startup that offered me 83k a year, plus stock to start. The best part is they value me. Thank you for helping me find a way out and a way up.

Elizabeth Cloudman

miranda Dauphinee.jpg

"This $50k is life changing"

Working as a teacher's assistant didn’t even cover our bills but I honestly thought financial and job stress was just my destiny. A few weeks later (after listening to your advice) here I am, getting ready to start a new job making 3.5 times more. THANK YOU.

stephanie g.jpg

"Here's to an extra $45k"

This shit works. I went from about 30k as a Reservations Specialist to 75k with amazing benefits as an Onboarding Specialist! I’m in the process of finding a new position and am fully confident that with these resources, I’ll be able to level up and make 100k+.

Stephanie Gallegos

"They gave me a $110,000 base salary ($145,000 OTE) and a $10,000 sign on bonus"

I knew that even the smallest bit of help from this team would be a step in the right direction and I can now say I am officially in the six figure club! Had I not learned how to essentially brand myself online, I would have been aimlessly applying for things without a clue. 

Jianette Crook

mercedes brown.jpg

"I'm making $40k more"

I went from being a bank representative to a Customer Success Manager after working with your team. I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to transition careers.

Mercedes Brown

amanda sanford.jpg

"I saw an over $30k increase"

As a Customer Service Specialist I was making just over $40,000 a year. Now, as a recruiter, I'm making over $70,000. Being involved in a process that helps others in a non-conventional way is incredibly rewarding.

Amanda Sanford

Lillian Rocha.jpg

"An over $10,000 pay bump"

I just want to extend my deepest thanks for the encouragement to pursue a different career. I went from being a manager at a fast food restaurant to being a Customer Support Rep with an over $10,000 salary increase. You are changing lives.

Lillian Rocha

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