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Your Guide To Choosing A New Career

If you've ever said: 

“I’m stuck trying to figure out what to transition into.”

“I don’t know how to identify a career path that fits my expertise.”

“I’m not 100% qualified for the new job but if I was just given the opportunity, I know I'd be great at it.”


Then this workshop will help you narrow your focus so that you can stop desperately applying to hundreds of jobs that aren't aligned with your values or goals.


Because here at 6 Figure Chick Consulting (where we've helped thousands of clients, just like you, earn over $2 MILLION in salary increases) we know firsthand that sometimes Identifying Your New Career can be frustrating af.

And that's exactly why we want to share this free workshop with you. Because you need clarity and we can show you how to find it.

Facilitated by Shaque'l Wilson
@6FigureChickConsulting CEO 

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