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The Optimizer

The Optimizer


Please note: Capacity is currently booked out until the 1st week of April. We cannot schedule any sooner at this time. 


Please note: You must stick to one email for everything throughout this process. (IE: Use the same email to purchase and schedule your Discovery Call)


The Optimizer Includes: 

  • A 15 Min. Discovery Call…to chat with one of our experts to strategize the fastest, most efficient way to get you to your financial & career goals.

  • A Resume Done For You…optimized to spotlight your transferable skills and successes, and land you more interviews in your career transition. We’ll send it to you within 2 weeks of our discovery call.

  • LinkedIn Optimization Loom Walkthrough…because we get it, LinkedIn can be confusing. So we’ll record a personalized, step-by-step review of your LinkedIn profile, giving you tailored recommendations to make it an irresistible goldmine for recruiters.

  • A 45 Min. Sprint Call…where it’s time to execute! You’re in the drivers seat but we’re the navigator (and we promise we won’t tell you to take the exit when it’s too late). During this time, we’ll answer any questions you may have about your optimization, and anything else you’re interested in. Including:

    • What to do now on LinkedIn

    • How to up-skill for your new role

    • How to reach out to recruiters (and get them to respond)

    • The best (and worst) sites to find jobs

    • … and literally anything else you can think of

  • 3 Month Access to the 6 Figure Network™…a private membership that gives you:

    • Instant access to our A.S.A.P. Career Stratey™ Implementation Guide

    • First dibs on the job postings on our 6 Figure Job Board

    • Monthly challenges to help you stay accountable to your career transformation

    • A direct line to our team of career strategists

    • + a place to connect with other people transforming their careers


You can cancel and refund your purchase of The Optimizer within 3 calendar days of purchase.


You may reschedule your Discovery and Optimization Sprint, once. Refunds will not be offered after a reschedule. 

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