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Presented by Shaque'l
Founder & CEO of 6 Figure Chick Consulting

Community is important, and tbh it can be difficult to build one in the male-dominated world of corporate America.


So welcome to our safe space. We gonna talk a lot of shit, share a lot of a space where dope women transparently inspire and empower through conversations about womanhood, careers, relationships and all of lifes experiences.

Welcome to Your Favorite 6 Figure Chick Podcast where we'll share valuable insights, strategies, and stories aimed at empowering listeners to break down systemic barriers, scale the corporate ladder, and land six-figure paying jobs. 

From navigating workplace dynamics to prioritizing your mental health and achieving work-life balance, each episode is packed full of practical advice and strategies  to those striving to thrive in a field historically lacking diversity.

Whether you're a budding technologist, a seasoned professional, or simply seeking guidance on your career journey, 'TechTrailblazer' is your go-to resource for actionable steps towards building a fulfilling and prosperous career while staying true to your identity and values. Tune in and join the movement towards a more inclusive and equitable tech industry."

In this podcast we'll cover

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