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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Overcoming imposter syndrome can be a long ass journey, and difficult af depending on how deep in the fucking weeds you are.

But with enough focused energy and attention you can absolutely get that shit all the way together. After all, the majority of these mediocre white men don’t deal with imposter syndrome, sis.

So you shouldn't have to fucking deal with it either. 

Now, obviously it’s been a minute since our last blog post (6 Figure Weekend and building The Accelerator took a lot of bandwidth, y’all) but I saw a video on social media about how to address imposter syndrome that required further discussion so let's get into it.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all deal with feeling inadequate sometimes, me included. But especially as Black and brown women we can’t let this shit impact our lives and our careers so much so that it keeps us from getting out here in these corporate streets and fucking shit up. 

Here are some ways to navigate through it instead of letting it stop you from fucking thriving.

Recognize and Acknowledge That Shit

Acknowledging that you're experiencing imposter syndrome is the first step towards getting the fuck over it, sis! Stop trying to bury your feelings and then acting surprised when they boil over in a few more weeks/months and you feel even worse than you initially did 🙃 

So if you’ve ever felt like a fraud (despite how goddamn successful you are) know that you’re not alone. Plenty of people have been right where you are, whether they’re still learning their trade or at the height of their careers. 

Identify Your Strengths. Focus On Your Accomplishments

If you’re not already keeping a bad bitch list to refer back to in interviews and at times like this, start one. Every time you achieve something, have mastered a new skill, or have had a positive interaction about your area of expertise or contributions to your team, write it down!

Making a list of your successes, not matter how small or insignificant they may be to others, and then coming back to it in moments where you’re doubting how much of a fucking baddie you are, will help remind you that you ARE that bitch and help boost your confidence.

Challenge Those Negative Ass Thoughts

You’ve got all this evidence now, so challenge the fuck out of those doubts when they arise. Focus on the specific instances where you've succeeded or received positive feedback instead of all the self-doubt holding you back. 

Building a better mindset takes consistent work. You’re not always going to be able to shut that shit down immediately but the more you practice having a more realistic mindset, the easier it gets.

Talk It Out

Gone head and share your feelings with someone you trust, sis. The people you love (and who love you back) can provide hella support and a new perspective if you stop being stubbornly independent and let them. Whether it's a friend, a family member, your mentor, or that therapist you need to go and see more often, opening up about your struggles can help you realize that you're not a motherfuckin island.

And honestly, having your friends threaten to fight you for talking shit about yourself is always a blessing. If they’re not loving you aggressively af, do they really love you? Or is that just my circle of friends? 😂

Speaking of friends …

Be Fucking Nice To Yourself

If you wouldn’t talk to your friends that way, why the fuck are you talking to yourself like that, fam? Treat yourself with kindness. Replace self-criticism with self-compassionate language when you’re acknowledging that everyone makes mistakes and experiences setbacks.

If you wouldn’t call someone else stupid or inept, don’t do it to yourself. The things we think about ourselves matter. If  you don’t hold yourself in high regard, it gets real hard for other people to as well. And, while we’re all it, stop trying to be fucking perfect. Embrace progress, change, and personal development. View challenges as opportunities to expand your skills and knowledge, rather than as threats to your competence because nobody on this planet knows everything. 

And Remember …

Overcoming imposter syndrome is a gradual process. That shit takes hella time, especially if you’ve been listening to those demons for years. But I know you can figure it out. 

You belong in these spaces. 

You belong in that room. 

You are your ancestors' wildest dream and you belong wherever the fuck it is that you want to be.

So don’t let anyone, especially yourself, tell you any differently. 

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